What is fundamentally wrong with astrology

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Zodiac sign columns are one of the most persistently misleading representations of astrology. The astrological birth chart is constructed by the person's date, exact time and location of birth. It represents the placements of all planets in the solar system, the sun, and the moon at the exact date, time, and location of the individual's birth. The zodiac sign "astrology" considers only the zodiac sign of the Sun at an individual's month of birth not even the exact date.

Those so-called horoscope columns in the newspapers were designed as a publicity stunt to increase circulation. Unfortunately, that worked. The other reason why astrology looks bad in the eyes of the public is that astrologers are unfortunately an independent lot, therefore many of those who call themselves 'astrologers' never advance beyond the elementary level and don't have the level of competence required to practice. Astrology is a very detailed and advanced subject, it takes years to learn astrology It is just Much Easier to be a zodiac sign columnists, or to call yourself a "psychic medium" and to charge around the same, or even more for stating the obvious or telling the people what they want to hear only.

The motivation of most people is just to make some extra cash, rather than the pursuit of knowledge, and helping people. Why Computer Generated Interpretative Astrological Reports Are Of Little Value, Or Inadequate At Best Astrology programs are great for planetary calculations and charting, which saves a lot of time to the astrologer, but inadequate at best when it comes to interpretations. Interpreting an astrological chart requires the synthesis of many factors, which is practically beyond the ability of any software program.

The number of astrological factors that can be taken into account in any computer generated astrological report is very limited, and only one factor can be interpreted at a time. It is impossible for astrology programs to take into account more than one factor simultaneously. This greatly reduces the accuracy of all software delineations.

All computer generated reports ignore whether a planet is combust, or retrograde, or "out of bounds", or the ruler of good or bad houses, strong or weak, or peregrine, or in a major aspect pattern e. All of this highlights how unfeasible it is to try to create a truly integrated astrology report. Computer generated reports also often make little or no effort to assess, for the reader, which events will have the greatest effects.

There is overemphasis of minor and short-lived transits. The computer generated report will exaggerate the effect of a short-lived transit or an aspect in a return , when in reality the configuration will have no noticeable effect at all in the person's life.


It is important to mention that only the most basic astrology software programs offer free interpretative reports. The interpretations of the more advanced, and accurate astrology programs are paid. Some computer generated reports may give valuable and accurate information. The myth that there is irrefutable scientific proof that astrology is wrong Many skeptics claim that astrology has consistently failed over many years in 'thousands of scientific tests'.

This is a very popular myth that has been duplicated in many websites.

There is no scientific case to dismiss astrology entirely as a field. There are tests that show evidence that astrology does work. Astrology is supported by evidence. Not all scientists dismiss astrology.

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Scientific consensus does not exist in controversial and evolving areas of science. The tests that disprove astrology are either fundamentally flawed, or just testing the wrong thing. There are many reasons for this. There is no budget for testing astrology and astrologers are more motivated by the study and application of astrology than in addressing the challenge of providing and defending scientific proof.

I’m a Cancer... but I’m really not!

So all tests are run by skeptics with budgets in fields like psychology who design quantitative tests when the data requires qualitative analysis that would be better addressed by those who understand astrology. It is not possible to 'prove astrology' with a single dramatic study.

While in mathematics, you can deduce a proof to show that a proposition is always true, you cannot prove a hypothesis in the natural sciences. Scientific theories require the accumulation of empirical evidence that is consistent with a hypothesis.

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With each replication, the theory becomes more persuasive and established, but since new evidence can show it to be false or that it requires modification at any time, it remains a theory and can never become an eternal proof or a universal law. Nearly all the 'critics' on the internet, and even sources that are supposed to be reputable argue irrelevant points such as how the constellations have moved or the limits of planetary gravity or the false belief that astrologers claim that people are controlled by the stars.

Almost every time when they criticize astrology as a field they present and caricature the newspaper 'astrology' only Sometimes they are just so ignorant, that they can not differentiate the newspaper zodiac sign columns with the astrology practiced for five thousand years by the greatest minds in human history, and sometimes they are just attempting to misrepresent the case for astrology to make it easier to attack. Mainstream scientific journals will not publish an astrology paper as the subject is "taboo" and it is not their field and they cannot peer review it.

Yet, flawed experiments supporting a skeptical agenda that would not pass peer review in journals, and sneak into 'respectable' journals.

An Indian Test of Indian Astrology

These positions are more about protecting their belief systems than investigative science. However, there are scientific tests that support astrology.

How does astrology work? | Science Questions with Surprising Answers

There are plenty of tests that show that astrology does work. The lunar effect the correlations between specific stages of the roughly But people tend to forget something VERY important - we don't know the answers of virtually all existential, important questions of life and nowadays science is unable to explain them.

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  • Science can't answer what happens after we die, how life on earth began, how does the brain generate consciousness, what are the cures for world's biggest health problems such as cancer and heart diseases, if ageing is inevitable, if there is life in space, and so on, and so on. Nowadays science is unable to answer virtually all big, existential life questions. Being unable to explain something is not an evidence against it.

    Many fields that were once dismissed as unworthy of study are now established within science.

    NASA on whether Zodiac signs are changing

    In 'scientism' a claim is false until proven, so everything science cannot prove is just rejected Hardened scientists will tell you astrology doesnt work. Science Questions with Surprising Answers [Menu] Fundamentally, there are four forces of nature: gravity, The problem is that they all die off with distance. This is where problems arise because it is obvious that they know nothing about Answer: The reason astrologers use the time of birth is because birth gives us a Astrologers seem to disagree on the most fundamental issues of their craft.

    The ancient art of astrology feels fresher than ever in these turbulent times, as its practitioners find new platforms and new audiences in search of answers.

    What is fundamentally wrong with astrology zone

    There's nothing wrong with a reminder that it matters how we spend our time. Astrology is, fundamentally, about making sense of that brave new. Back to previous page. Read 48 answers by scientists with recommendations from their And finally, astrology gives advice when something good or bad may happen but does. Fingertips disk. Students can answer the following specific questions: 1. The early Christians were vehemently opposed to astrology—even attributing it to Their fundamental principle was the placing of animals in the heavens [as and the art of magic, and whatever other evil practices these men exercise, either.

    Vedic Astrology, popularly known as Hindu astrology, is the fundamental form of Astrology See more.