Cosmopolitan horoscope week of october 22

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This weekend reminds you that straight talk leads to straight understanding. All that birthday cash burning a hole in your pocket? Scorpio season has you cherishing your values, finances, and material things.

Indulge wisely! The sexy full moon lights up your Wednesday evening, so pursue all your erotic desires.

Kannada/Zodiac Signs - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The weekend invites you to luxurious self-care and sensual play. Happy Birthday, Scorpio! May all your dreams come true. This weekend will point you in the right direction on love, so check in with your intuition.

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What can you work on every day to help your life work every day? This weekend is a tender, sensitive one, so avoid taking things personally. After working your butt off, you want to connect with your friends—the full moon on Wednesday invigorates you with confidence and passion.


Look forward to reuniting with old friends over the weekend. Werk, water-bearer! The full moon on Wednesday brings up feelings about home and family—reach out to them. Reflect this weekend on the values behind your ambition, then network with people in the field who believe in your mission. Safe travels, Pisces!

The Personality of a Libra, Explained

A full moon on Wednesday has you elevating the way you think and communicate to handle all the expansion. An admirer could catch your eye this weekend! This post originally appeared on cosmopolitan. We use cookies for user experience and analytics.

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By navigating this site you agree to allow us to collect information through cookies. Learn more by reading our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy. Libras know they deliver great work, so when they are on the receiving end of some bad reviews; they tend not to take it too well.

Admiration is a key motivator for Libras, as they are ruled by the planet Venus.


They need to watch out for people who are able to manipulate this need for praise and use it as a means towards less than savory ends. Masters at the first date, Libras know how to charm the socks off anyone. The crux of it is that Libras love love. This is if Libra actually goes beyond their hypercritical tendencies that tend to overshadow their first impressions. Because they perform so well in social environments, Libras tend to have more occasional friends and acquaintances than friends who are there through and through.

Networking is more their jam, and they love the performative aspect of seeing and being seen. Their sociable nature works well as long as you learn to appreciate that their friendship is there momentarily instead of permanently. They love it when all eyes are on them and thrive on compliments from their nearest and dearest. Libras can also revert to a very quiet kind of moodiness.

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They love parties and reconnecting with siblings and distant relatives. Libra loves to stoke the fire when it comes to family reunions and parties.

Montréal is enchantingly moody as autumn turns to winter

Their inclination towards balance and fairness will win over their initial attention seeking and superficiality. The self-centeredness does give way to their playful and unique ability to bring everyone together in peace. Their need for balance goes far deeper than your typical calorie-counting, calorie-burning scheme that works for most other signs in the zodiac.

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